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Custom Specialty Brushes

Carolina Brush specializes in manufacturing any brush to customer specific specifications. In many cases, that means replacing a special brush that is currently in use by the customer. We may already manufacture the item in question. If not, we can take a drawing or used sample and reverse engineer a duplicate brush for that application. Along those same lines, if a customer wants to make a change to an existing brush, make it with stiffer bristle for example, we can facilitate those changes as well. But, what really sets us apart from other brush manufacturers is that we can take that stiffer brush and test the results in our lab on the customer's product. This type of service, along with our in-house engineering services, CAD and prototyping capabilities, high-capacity state of the art production machinery and the ability to offer the shortest lead times in the industry make Carolina Brush the smart choice for your specialty brush needs. Please contact us directly or proceed to the Design a Brush page for further information and assistance.

BrushesDesign a Brush

Designing a brush can be as simple as replacing and improving on an existing brush, or it can require the consideration of a large number of variables that need to be investigated before the best brush for a job is recommended.