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Animal Hair Fiber Brushes

For applications where synthetic filaments are not optimal, Carolina Brush is pleased to offer a selection of animal hair for use in our industrial brushes. Compared to synthetic brush fiber, natural brush bristle burns less easily, offers less electrostatic charge, is biodegradable, skin friendly and has much better resistance to heat than synthetic options. In addition, natural fibers like goat hair are very soft and fine, with the ability to reach places that synthetic fibers wouldn't be able to.

Animal Hair Brushes

Advantages like these given animal hair brushes a long history of use as well as service in a wide variety of applications, like dusting, forensics, painting, cosmetics, artwork and cleaning. Carolina Brush offers a variety of different animal hair fibers to suit the needs of our customers. Be it OEM replacements or a brush custom built for your specific use, Carolina Brush has a long history of meeting the most challenging requirements with an ongoing commitment to quality and service. Contact us today and we'll be happy to see how we can benefit your business.

Types of Animal Hair Brushes Offered

  • Hog bristle: Durable
  • Goat hair: Very soft
  • Horse hair: Non-abrasive

Why use boar hair brushes?

Boar hair brushes have been around since the early 1800s and are still one of the most popular animal hair brushes today. Hog hair brushes are naturally stiff and work well with oil and acrylic unlike goat hair brushes. Their stiffness allows you to apply more paint evenly. It is durable and water resistant. Hog hair brushes can also be used to clean cars because of their stiffness.