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Custom Wire Bristle Brushes

For those that require a strong and sharp filament, Carolina Brush offers a range of wire brush materials for use in our custom made brushes. Perfect for industrial settings, wire is a versatile materials that can be used where a fragile touch is needed as well as offering strength for heavy duty applications like deburring or cleaning. Like other bristle materials, wire has its own set of benefits including rust resistance, the ability to withstand high heat, safe contact with food applications, and high electrical conductivity. It is benefits like these that have led to the use of wire brushes in applications like polishing, finishing, surface cleaning, and the removal of rust, among others. To ensure a brush to fill any kind of job, we offer brushes in Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, each with their own unique features. You ask, we deliver: with nearly a century of experience in producing high quality industrial brushes, you can be sure that we have the experience to handle the most challenging applications and produce brushes that best serve you. Contact us today and we can begin building the appropriate solution to your problems.

Wire Brush Types

Brass: Manufactured in the United States and Europe. Available in both straight and crimped forms.

Phoshor Bronze: Alloy composed of mostly copper and brass. Light duty applications that require a soft touch.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel wire is manufactured in the United States and Europe. This wire withstands tougher scrubbing. Is used primarily in wire wheels, scratch brushes and rotary floor brushes.

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel wire is manufactured in the United States and Europe. This type wire is the most corrosion resistant wire available in the brush industry.