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Static Dissipative Brushes

Whether looking for a standard or custom static dissipative brush, Carolina Brush has what you need. We can customize an existing model or create a completely new ESD brush based on your application’s need.

Static dissipative brushes are made with special static dissipative nylon. This nylon has a static dissipative additive that is mixed into the nylon pellets prior to extrusion. This means there is no coating that can flake or peel since the additive is actually part of the nylon’s resin.

Static Dissipative Brush Applications

These ESD brushes dissipate a static charge on an electronically charged surface in a slow and controlled manner. This removes a static charge that makes dust and particles cling to a work surface.

The dissipation of static is useful in the following applications.

  • Clean room
  • Electronics
  • Circuit boards

Static Dissipative Brush Customization

ESD brushes can be customized by size and style. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to custom design a new brush or modify existing brushes for your application. Brush fill can be customized by trim length, density and flexibility.

Static Dissipative Brush Industries

Carolina Brush Company has been manufacturing high quality brushes for over 100 years. We design, develop and deliver these long-lasting industrial brushes for a variety of industries.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Material Handling & Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Cleanrooms
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Electrical Components
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Faculty Management
  • Textile
  • Printing
  • Paper
  • Labeling
  • Furniture
  • Conveyor cleaning
  • Glass & Mirrors
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Static Control
  • Metal Finishing

Carolina Brush works with our customers to develop the perfect brush for their needs. Our services include application analysis and protype services. Contact Carolina Brush today to learn more.