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Natural Vegetable Brush Fibers

For when animal hair and synthetic fiber aren't suited to the demands of your job, Carolina Brush offers a selection of quality vegetable fiber brushes. We offer not only the popular Tampico and rugged Bassine fiber, but also the unique Union fiber that offers benefits that come from being made of both Tampico and Palmyra.

Vegetable Filament Types

First, the Tampico brush offers a number of traits that have led to it becoming a favored choice, including heat, alkali, and acid resistance, in addition to its high heat tolerance, anti-static property and natural abrasiveness. Next, the Bassine fiber offers superior stiffness, water resistance and long life that have led to its use in conveyor systems. Finally, our Union fiber combines the qualities of both Tampico and Bassine fibers, making it a highly versatile option. Backed by nearly a century of experience and a large capacity for custom brushes, you can rest assured that Carolina Brush is able to produce a brush that is optimal for your needs. Contact us today and our team will provide the best solution for you with a commitment to quality and service.