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Polypropylene Strip & Cylinder Brushes

The top quality polypropylene we use is a versatile filament for a wide variety of applications.  It has excellent wet stiffness and flex fatigue resistance.  It is resistant to most solvents, oils and chemicals and is especially good at resisting strong acids and bases.  It may be attacked by oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorinated solvents (such as 1,1,1-trichloroethane) and aromatic solvents (such as xylene).  Polypropylene has good bend recovery, but will take a set more easily than other materials.  This issue can usually be addressed with good brush design and reasonable care in handling and packaging.

Fiber Property Comparisons

Filament Melting Point (*F) Tensile Modulus (kpsi) Tensile Strength (kpsi) Flicking Action % Bend Recovery Relative Abrasion Resistance
Nylon 6 410 480 53 Excellent 97 Excellent
Nylon 6.6 495 520 48 Excellent 97 Excellent
Nylon 6.12           410 480 42 Excellent 93 Excellent
Polypropylene 320 740 53 Good 75 Fair
Polyester 430 445 31 Excellent 92 Good

The above compares in a general way some of the properties of the synthetic filaments we most commonly use to aid in distinguishing between them when selecting the filament best suited for a particular application.