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Industrial Automotive OEM Brushes

Carolina Brush manufactures custom brushes used in the automotive industry that aids in various applications in the automotive manufacturing space. Our custom abrasives are perfect for rounding edges and conditioning surfaces within automotive engine cylinders to create a smooth and consistent finish. Our team of brush engineers will work with you to find the perfect brush for any automotive cleaning or finishing need you have.

Common applications for industrial automotive brushes include:

  • Deburring and finishing aluminum engine heads
  • Sharp edge and burr removal
  • Surface finishing on hydraulic and engine components
  • Deburring of cross-hole intersections and cramshaft and crankcase bores
  • Debris removal of internal bores
  • Finishing /polishing machined parts
  • Sealing around consoles, levers handles, cup holders, and within seat parts, joints and hinges

There are various components within an automotive vehicle that requires the precision and strength of industrial brushes manufactured by Carolina Brush. Those components include Camshafts and Valves, Clutches and Brakes, Crankshafts, Conrods, and Piston Pins, Engine Cylinders and Liners, Oil Retention and Adhesion.