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Cleanroom Brushes

With the ability to custom build using a wide variety of filaments and backing materials, we can use materials ideal for cleanroom applications, such as Nylon 6.12, which is EPA registered and approved for use by the FDA, NSF and USDA.

Fibers like Nylon 6.12 are used for reasons such as their nonporous nature, which inhibits moisture absorption, bacterial growth and cross-contamination.

The other brush components will be chosen for ideal properties as well: we offer channel materials like stainless steel that resists corrosion and staining, is simple to clean, will not affect the taste of food, and is neutral to the human body. When you work with Carolina Brush, you won’t be forced to accommodate to cookie-cutter brushes – we will work with you, custom developing a brush perfect for your specific needs. With over 95 years of experience developing solutions to unique problems, Carolina Brush has the background to get the job done right.

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