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Natural Fiber Brushes & Filaments

Carolina Brush is proud to offer an extensive selection of natural fiber brushes, utilizing both animal and vegetable brush fiber material. Natural fibers have provided service for a long period of time due to their special characteristics and advantages that persist even today with more recently developed synthetic brush fibers. Attributes such as high heat resistance, durability and acid resistance all make natural fiber brushes an appealing option for a wide range of uses.

In addition to our animal hair bristle ranging from the durable and scratch-free horse hair to the deep-reaching hog bristle and very fine goat hair, we also offer vegetable fibers such as the acid resistant Tampico, coarse Bassine and the union brush that offers the best of both worlds. Because of the variety of natural fibers and their distinct advantages, natural fiber brushes have found service in a variety of applications, such as cleaning, art, cosmetic and industrial environments. Regardless of what you require your brush for, Carolina Brush has the experience and know how to produce a solution to your specific needs. Call today and we can begin building the right brush for your job.

Animal Brush Fiber

Animal Hair

[Includes Horsehair, Hog Bristle and Goat Hair]
Animal hair brushes like horsehair, hog bristle and goat hair offer a host of properties including static resistance, fine bristle size and soft texture that make them ideal for specific jobs.
Vegetable brush fiber

Vegetable Fiber

[Includes Tampico, Bassine Fiber and Union Fiber]
Vegetable fibers such as Tampico, Bassine Fiber and Union Fiber have gained widespread use and popularity through their extensive resistance properties and long working life.